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Oh yes it's Yumi!

Success coach and Brooke Buckland client Yumna Aysen has such an interesting back story. When she was younger her shyness was debilitating, and she also suffered from extreme anxiety and depression. But sessions with a life coach helped her move out of her comfort zone and find her purpose -- to help others do the same via the life and business coaching that she offers at She also happens to be the president of Cape Town's Ernst & Young Toastmasters Club, and has also been selected as a speaker coach for the 2021 TEDX Cape Town. Not bad for someone who was too shy to talk to strangers!

Yumna hired Brooke Buckland to raise her profile in South Africa, and over the last few months she's appeared in newspapers and online publications, and has been interviewed on radio and television. There's no stopping Yumna on her path to success, and we're just loving helping her on her way.

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