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Screen time for schoolgirl sports stars

One of our very best projects is the work we do for Masisports, spearheaded by cricket legend Vince van der Bijl. Perhaps it's because we love working with Vince, or perhaps it's because we enjoy working for a project that's so close to home (and we're speaking literally here), or perhaps it's because the work Masisports does at Ukhanyo Primary School and Masiphumelele High really does make a hugely positive impact on the lives of learners.

Two of the key focus areas for Masisports are community cohesion - enhancing the relationships between Masi's schools and others in the greater area - and gender-based violence. We all know what a difficult issue the latter is, but this makes it all the more important to tackle. One of the ways Masisports does this is to emphasise equality of the sexes via equal access to all the extra-mural sports on offer, as well as pre-match lifeskills sessions that encourage mutual respect and self confidence.

Two young learners who are the flag bearers for equality on the sportsfield are rugby player Zola Nondwayi and cricket star Zintle Dzidzi. Last week they were interviewed by ENCA about what it's like to play traditionally male-dominated sports at school:

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